Yorkville Ranch Rd, Yorkville, Mendocino County, California

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WeatherWatch Ranch

I purchased 160 acres off Hwy 128 about 17 miles from the junction of Hwy 128 and Hwy 101 in Mendocino County, California. This county is in "Wine Country" to the west and north of Napa County. This was to be my retirement home, but after a few trips up there, I may have changed my mind. It is a 2 hour, 40 minute trip from Sunnyvale, and then there is a 7 mile trip, all uphill, on a dirt road from the main highway 128. The property is at 2400 feet elevation, and has some nice views as you may see from the photo album below. It has a large barn with stables for at least 6 horses and a 3000 square foot fairly new home. Another thing I don't like about the ranch is that it is off the electricity grid. Some neighbors up there are proud of that, but I need substantial power at times, and it isn't available from the solar and wind sources in place.

Anyway, here are the photos...

8:30 AM Looking south-east back toward San Francisco

Hwy 128 is down below that fog

8:30 AM Looking south-west from the Ranch House

Fogged-in below

On every map, Hawk Butte

East side of the barn

Ranch House Living Room

Ranch House back deck

Living Room bookcase

Ranch House Kitchen

This is useful in January

Some of the lower elevations of the ranch

A few visitors stop by from time-to-time

The corral area

View from the wind turbine hill to the west

I could put grapes in there...

Barn from the wind turbine hill

Grizzley Peak off to the east

Green pastures forever

On the lower '40 with the neighbor's dogs

We "borrowed" them without permission


I see you...

Ranch House from below

Close-up of ranch house

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