Was to be my retirement Home in Los Gatos, California

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I recently, bought a lot in the hills to the south-west of Los Gatos, California which is in the south-western area of Silicon Valley.  My 3.2 acre lot is at 1914 feet elevation and here are some pictures taken from the lot, looking in various directions.

By car, this rural seeming lot is only a 7 minute trip down the hill to Los Gatos. Right behind the property is the Sierra Azul Nature Preserve, so there will not be any new subdivisions popping-up to the south or east.

This is a wonderful view-lot of which there are very few left in the Silicon Valley area. The city lights view is just awesome. I have decided to retire to the Mendocino property which is featured elsewhere on this web site, and so I am selling this beauty. The asking price is $550,000. I have documentation from the county geologist showing the location on the lot which is suitable for building. It amounts to about one acre. Percolation is good, and everyone nearby has found well water. The utility sources are nearby and the right-away is recorded. I am willing to carry paper on this lot.

Should anyone out there have any interest in this property, please contact me at: doug@dougronald.com or (408) 749-8522

This is the view to the north-west.

Looking behind me to the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District's Sierra Azul Park.

Looking to the north. San Francisco is up in that direction. somewhere... Also visable is Moffett Field and NASA Ames.

View to the north-east.

Looking down to the north-east.

The mountains across the valley to the east are: Left of center is Mt Diablo, and to the right are Mission Peak, and Mt. Allison.

That is the city of San Jose, California between the Posion Oak and scrub brush.

Looking pretty much east.

This is what is right below me. There will probably be multi-million dollar homes there eventually, but my property is higher.

This is Black Mountian in the distance. The antenna tower in the foreground is radio station KOME.

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