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Kristin on Tivy Mountain.

Tivy Mountain, California

Velladao Ranch - Near Mercy Hot Springs, California

Kristin near Santa Margarita, California

Looking at the Pacific from Los Padras National Forest near Big Sur

Looking south toward Hwy 128 from WeatherWatch ranch in Mendocino County, California

View to the North-East from WeatherWatch Ranch in Mendocino County, California

Barn on WeatherWatch Ranch in Yorkville, California

My sister Suzanne and her daughter Sooz at Carmel, California

Paying tribute to Grandma at Carmel-by-the-Sea

Yes, it's a beautiful ring...

Saying Goodbye...

Suzanne and Sooz at Carmel, California

Looking North-West toward Monterey, California. Taken by my sister, Suzanne.

Hi bird!

View of "The City" from Twin Peaks, California

Sooz's treat at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, California

View of Silicon Valley from my homesite in the hills above Los Gatos, California

Inmarsat autotrack dish antenna.

NOAA tracking Yagi plus some 802.11b equipment.

Short wave dual polarized antenna with preamp.

Top-hat capacitive loaded dipoles for 2-32 MHz.

Base of antenna range tower.

Bottom third of antenna range tower.

This section weighs 17000 pounds.

Top two sections of antenna range tower.

Mid section weighs 8000 pounds and top section is 2000 pounds.

Full view of 60 foot antenna range tower.

My Sky Needle 70 foot telescoping tower lying where I purchased it. (TRW)

Another of three antenna range towers. I only own one of them.

12 Ton Trailer

Sneek peek of Sooz at the Heavy Equipment auction.

My dream... Oh, I liked the trailer too.

What the Hell's wrong with this PoS?

Up we go.

Nice view of the equipment.

Can she really run this thing?


We were the highest at this auction!

They slipped...Must be the acceleration...

I look cool.

Ok, the rack is in great position, now lets get this thing off the ground!!

Mom gets trapped next.

Hold on!

"Get this DOWN!"..."Oh, don't be such a wus!"

Safe at last...

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