ElectroVoice 30W - 30", 15 Hz free-air resonance, low-frequency driver.
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Miniature accelerometer glued to the voice coil's dust cover.
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The complete Wall of Sound

The right-front channel with 3 Electro Voice 30W LF drivers and a JBL 4675C-LF8 mid and high-frequency loudspeaker system.

Mostly the right-front, but includes a pair of the left-channel subs and the right-channel, right-front surround loudspeaker. (A JBL home product, L-100)
The left-front channel. A little blockage in front of the low-frequency drivers is benign.
This is Kristin for a size perspective. She is 142 cm (5' 8").  Kristin is wearing a snow-suit indoors because after buying and building this system, I can't afford to heat the house. Don't ask about the missing sock...
Some of the 30W's from the infinite baffle-side of the enclosure.

 This is the 640 ft^3 concrete room which serves as the infinite-baffle enclosure for the sub-woofers. In order to couple the energy of the support wall that the drivers are mounted on to an immoveable sink, I ran home-made beams laterally to the wall. When a huge low-Frequency transient moves all 4241 in^2 of cone in or out 3/4 of an inch, the 2 1/2" thick driver mounting wall still moves perceptibly to the touch. Of course you hardly notice that, as most of the pictures in the listening area have already fallen off the walls.

This is an 84 inch rack which holds the electronics for the Wall of Sound and the Home Theater. I ran out of room and had to put the Internet server computer on top. That's an Allen MDS-51S electronic organ under dust cover to the left.